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The Painting Process: It's All by Hand

* Our painter projects your artwork after dark onto a freshly painted panel and hand sketches the design onto the panel. He then hand paints the sign during daylight hours.

* The painting process takes a minimum of 2-3 days, depending on the complexity of the artwork, the weather, our painter’s availability, and the general schedule of what is going up on the Barn.

* Mother Nature ultimately decides which signs go up and when. During the rainy season, your sign may be delayed due to inclement weather. In rare cases we may try to take advantage of dry weather and may ask permission to paint over your sign just before its final date in order to accommodate the next user before a big rainstorm. We appreciate your flexibility.

* Once completed, a Barn Sign typically stays up for approximately 5–7 full days, though some may remain up for 2 weeks or more depending on space availability. Your particular sign’s schedule will be identified when final space availability is determined each quarter.