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Event Planning Tools

For faculty, students, and staff of departments and programs of the Arts Division…




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- The Arts Division will provide BASIC web promotion for small, one-time Arts Division events when the Event Submission Form is completed and submitted at least 4 weeks in advance. Please do not submit an event if it occurs sooner than 4 weeks from today.

- Events requiring more in-depth and advance promotion and marketing must be submitted *at least 10 weeks in advance.* Additional levels of promotion are determined by the marketing goals of the Arts Division, your event's marketing budget, lead time, and staff resources.

- Depending on the complexity and size of your event, you you should put your planning efforts in motion 4-6 months in advance. You may need to start planning 12-18 months in advance if you will need to secure a venue, confirm artists' schedules, book airline travel, or reserve hotel rooms in Santa Cruz.

Some events may also require services in addition to marketing, such as ticketing and house management. You may also need a printed event program booklet. These services require ample advance time to plan and execute. Please contact us if you think you will need any of these extended services.

NOTE: As of September 2016, AEO no longer provides administrative or production support to symposia, workshops, and other special extra-departmental events.

Items You Should Consider in Your Preliminary Planning

  1. Do you need to book speakers or performers?
  2. Will you need to book travel and/or accommodations for artists / performers / presenters?
  3. Do you need to secure a venue?
  4. Which account (FOAPAL) will be used?
  5. Which Arts Division department or unit will guarantee payment of expenses?
  6. Have you budgeted for all realistic expenses?
  7. Will you need to hire artistic or administrative support staff?
  8. Will you be inviting the Chancellor's participation? The dean's?
  9. Will you need to reserve the services of a caterer or a graphic designer?
  10. Do you have the funding and the lead time required to achieve the results you want?
  11. Will an advance promotional / marketing campaign be part of your planning?
  12. Will tickets be offered (for sale or free distribution)?

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