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Flyer / Program Content

Download or save sample docs shared BELOW.

Flyer and program samples include content requirements for Music Department and Theater Arts Department presentations and events. (Please insert your own venue and sponsorship details using either of these templates.)
Special note: The Arts Division does not provide services for FLYER design, printing, and distribution for most small and moderate-sized events produced by the academic departments of the Arts Division.
Some higher-profile events each quarter may receive design support for a poster, if resources are available. Please contact AEO.

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Note: You will vet and edit your program content *before* you email it it to us.
Contact the AEO at least 10 weeks before your event to request a timeline for program content submission, draft review, printing, and delivery. Typically, you will submit vetted program content to AEO no later than 6 weeks before your event. Note: some very SIMPLE programs can be submitted later. Contact us to confirm. (Remember: layout for a printed item has to be completed at least a week before your event so that it may be submitted to the printer, printed, and delivered in time for your event.)

Please note:
- Material may not be submitted after the cutoff deadline.

- One draft is circulated to the director for grammar and spelling corrections and for layout considerations.
- A final draft is circulated for one last review before it is sent to the printer.
- Programs are finished 5 business days before the event when they are send to the printer.
- Any images, charts, illustrations much be emailed to us in pdf, jpg, tif, or psd file format.
- Programs are delivered to the venue 1 day before the event.

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Please use official building and venue names on all published materials:
Music Center Recital Hall
Theater Arts Center (Mainstage, Second Stage, Experimental Theater, Media Theater)
Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) [note: it is not "Resource" center; a common mistake]
DARC 108
Communications Room 150 (Studio C)

Location descriptions:
"UC Santa Cruz" -or- "University of California, Santa Cruz" (not "UCSC")

Parking: "Arts Parking Lot " or "Performing Arts Parking Lot" (officially Lot 126)
Core West Parking Structure

Recital Hall ticket window, Theater Arts ticket window
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