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Arts Events Office Services

For Faculty and Student Directors / Producers in the UCSC Division of the Arts

Audience Management, Customer Service

The staff of the Arts Events Office manages a crew of student ushers and house managers who are trained to work at most performances and public presentations presented by the departments of the Arts Division. Venues include: the Music Center Recital Hall; the Theater Arts Mainstage, Second Stage, and Experimental Theater; and the Dark Lab in the Digital Arts Research Center building. We also coordinate with UCSC Parking Services (TAPS).

The Arts Events Office house management crew will:

  • Provide assistance to audience members
  • Manage audience admission to the venue
  • Observe and enforce campus and state safety regulations
  • Coordinate opening and closing of the venue with the event stage manager or production manager
  • Thoughtfully admit late arrivals to limit disruption to presenters, performers, and other audience members.
  • Coordinate with ticketing staff and parking services as needed

Ticketing Services to Arts Division

  • To request ticketing services for your Arts Division event, please contact us at least 10 weeks in advance of your event.
  • Administrative and per-ticket charges apply. (Note: UCSC Conference Services charges a per-ticket fee as well as bank card fees. The Arts Division charges an administrative set-up fee per performance as well as hourly charges for sales staff at the window at the event.)
  • To purchase tickets, please create a user account at

Promoting Your Event

Meet with AEO staff at least 8–10 weeks in advance of your event to confirm your promotion budget and to confirm strategies and deadlines. If you have a budget for some limited advertising, we recommend short radio spots and web advertising, as they both offer repeated messaging at a reasonable cost. Repeated messages allow many people to hear/see your image or title multiple times. Which is what you want!

Printed Materials

The Arts Events Office (AEO) offers general promotional services including online and email promotion, barn sign panels, radio advertising.

The Arts Events Office does not provide flyer/poster design and printing for most Arts Division events. Printed flyers and posters are increasingly less important to the success of events or attendance levels while consuming significant time resources. AS such, AEO provides flyer layout and production to a limited number of events identified to have special value or significance. Departments manage poster/flyer production for most of their events. (AEO doesn't provide proofreading, review, or approval of department-produced flyers.)

• We offer on-campus postering service only for the select posters/flyers we produce (see above).
• Design help: AEO can work with your department to develop a sample flyer that will aid your department in designing, reproducing, and distributing a simple flyer.

Program booklet (playbill):
AEO can layout your program and have it printed provided you contact us in advance and submit content as required. Edited and approved content is due 6 weeks before your event. This allows for circulation of 2 drafts and provides time for printing and delivery. NOTE: Some simple projects can be accepted 4 weeks in advance. Please contact us a few weeks *before your earliest deadline* to confirm your needs and the deadlines for the process.

>> Allow time for your team to review, edit, and approve all content BEFORE you submit it. Submit all requested materials by agreed-upon deadlines. Once you submit the content, that's what will be printed (aside from small corrections and teensy revisions).

Who Pays for These Services?

Services offered by the staff of the AEO are generally provided free of charge to Arts Division departmental events.

We will charge your event for all products or services that we order on your behalf, including:
- printing
- advertising
- house crew
- ticketing crew
- barn sign painting