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Patricia "Pat" Rebele

Volunteer, Community Supporter
UCSC Alum, '88

Pat and her husband, Rowland, both grew up in San Francisco and moved to Santa Cruz in 1979 following a career in weekly newspaper publishing. Both became active volunteers and financial supporters of various arts and charitable institutions.These have included most notably the Homeless Services Center, which includes the Rowland and Pat Rebele Family Shelter, and the Santa Cruz Symphony,which Rowland served as president of the board for five years and sotto voce ever since.

Pat is a UCSC graduate (’88) with a BA in Art History.  She and Rowland established an endowed chair in Art History in 1996.  Pat served as a trustee of the UCSC Foundation from 1994-2005 and was subsequently named emerita.  She and Rowland were honored to be presented with the Foundations’ “Fiat Lux” award in 2009 at the Founder’s Day dinner.  The award was given for their support of the arts and education and their role as advocated for the homeless.

They continue to be supporters of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Pat having been a volunteer when the museum was being formed and a board member from 1981-86.  She is currently a board member of Battered Women’s Assistance and a co-chair of the building campaign for St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Aptos.  She and Rowland live in Aptos and have three grown children.

Pat is most hopeful UCSC will have a true teaching museum, not only for students but the whole community, in the near future.