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Arts Division Events & Marketing

"Kick off" promo for your Arts Division event or project *as soon* as it has been confirmed with your program or department! 

Attend to the 3 steps below as soon as you have confirmed the details—typically 10+ weeks before your event or project launches. Submit your details as early as possible — and no later than 4 weeks before the event or project. As soon as you've done that, Arts Marketing staff will connect with you to discuss strategies and determine further action.

1. Confirm/approve the event or project with your departmental management.
Title, date, time, venue, tickets, etc.

2. Submit details on online form:

3. Provide an image.
Send us a bold, compelling non-copyrighted image to represent your event.
(Instructions in the online form.)

Additional resources:
Take a look at the Planning Guide for Marketing

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