Arts Internships


The Arts Division is dedicated to providing our students with high quality internship experiences!

Internships are an excellent way to gain an inside view of your field of study, learn about future professional opportunities, and make great connections. They can also provide invaluable work-related experiences that will give you a head start when it’s time for you to launch your career.

At UC Santa Cruz, our Arts Division internships are an excellent resource for students majoring in one of the Arts: Art, Film & Digital Media, History of Art & Visual Culture, Music, Theater. They have included placements in a variety of top companies and organizations, including DreamWorks, DeYoung Museum, Santa Cruz Shakespeare, Lionsgate Films, Blue Sky Photography Gallery, MTV News, LA Armory Center, Warner Brothers Records, National Portrait Gallery, Universal Pictures, Rhino Films and many more.

Student Internship Specifics
Please visit your Department's website to find out more about the internship process: Art, Film & Digital Media, History of Art & Visual Culture, Music, Theater.

Please also visit the UCSC Career Center, whose services include:


Other non-UCSC resources:


Internship Sponsors
Thank you for your interest and support of our students! Your participation will make a significant impact on a student’s life, providing them with unique insight into your field. We anticipate that in return our students will provide your organization with outstanding talent and enthusiasm.

Please e-mail your available internship positions, including location, time period, weekly schedule, paid/unpaid/academic credit, and required skills, to:

For academic credit internships, please make sure your internship complies with UCSC's Learning Outcomes.

We look forward to partnering with you!