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The Arts Division Internship Program (AIP) is a resource for students majoring in one of the Arts: Art, Film & Digital Media, History of Art & Visual Culture, Music, Theater; its purpose is to facilitate engaged learning opportunities that benefit both student and sponsor.  To view current internship postings, please visit Arts Internship Opportunities.

Two Important Student Application Deadlines:  

Key elements of the program:

  1. Field sponsors, offering internships that provide engaged learning opportunities:  
    • Ten weeks, corresponding to UCSC’s academic calendar, is ideal but not a requirement
    • Typically, a two-unit internship involves a total of 40-50 hours in the field; five-unit internships are generally 100-120 field hours total.
    • Paid and unpaid positions will be considered; in either case a guided professional growth experience is required.
    • Out-of-area internships are possible, with some advance planning. Contact the Arts Internship Coordinator to discuss this option.
  2. Student interns, reviewed and accepted by faculty into the program, at least one quarter prior to when they hope to intern.
  3. A database of internship opportunities, made available to accepted students, who then follow the field sponsor's application and placement processes.
  4. Faculty, reviewing program applicants and opportunities, and sponsoring placed students in a field study course for the ten-week quarter in which their internship occurs. (This could be fall, winter, spring, or summer.)
  5. An internship coordinator, facilitating the process and providing guidance and support to all parties.
  6. A 360-degree evaluation process, in which both field and faculty sponsors evaluate the student’s performance, and the student evaluates their experience.


To submit an internship position for consideration, please email your internship description (please include details such as location, time period-start & end dates, weekly schedule, paid/non paid/academic credit, and skills you're looking for) to

For academic credit internships, please make sure your internship complies with UCSC's Learning Outcomes


To apply for the program, submit your application—at least one quarter in advance of the term you hope to intern—using the online application system.  Prior to starting a field study internship and the start of the quarter, please return a completed (with signatures from all parties) independent studies form to your department (major) adviser.  It is advisable to seek out and meet with your department faculty sponsor (tenured faculty from your department) prior to requesting faculty sponsorship.  For AIP student candidates, please view the orientation.  To view internship postings, please visit Arts Internship Opportunities.

For application assistance, please visit the UCSC Career Center, whose services include:

Other non UCSC resources:


Past Internship Examples:

  • Art: Blue Sky Photography Gallery, Santa Cruz Musuem of Art & History.
  • Film & Digital Media: Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers Records, Lionsgate, KQED/PBS, Dreamworks, KSCW, Producer Brannon Braga, Santa Cruz Film Festival, Rich/Tint Productions, Rhino Films, Digital Media Factory, MTV newsroom, Dakota Pictures, Kuumbwa, CTV, SCTV, Archivist Rick Perlinger, Bunim/Murray Productions, SC Homeless Garden Project.
  • History of Art & Visual Culture: DeYoung Museum, Michaelangelo Gallery, Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, LA Armory Center, Corcoran Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Sesnon Art Gallery.
  • Music: EA Hall Middle School.
  • Theater: Shakespeare Santa Cruz.


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