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Tomaseen Foley's "A Celtic Christmas"

Thursday, December 21, 2017 - 7:30pm
Resource Center for Nonviolence
612 Ocean St, Santa Cruz

Every Christmas for the past 20 years, William Coulter (lecturer in guitar and UC Santa Cruz alumnus) has performed with and acted as Music Director for Tomáseen Foley’s “A Celtic Christmas.” Featuring Irish music, dance, song, and storytelling, "A Celtic Christmas” has packed concert halls across the U.S., bringing an authentic remembrance of a way of life that is, alas, no longer with us. The show brings an unforgettable staging of a December night in a remote Irish farmhouse in the 1940s or 50s—in the days before the motor car, the television, and the telephone. It was last presented in Santa Cruz in 2005.

The spirit of Christmas dances to life when neighbors gather at each others' homes to grace the wintry night with traditional Irish Christmas carols. They raise the rafters with the joy of their music, knock sparks off the flagstone floor with traditional dances, and, most of all, fill the night with the laughter of their stories.

Tomáseen Foley’s "A Celtic Christmas" brings a wholesome, cultural, family feast direct from the rich table of communal life in the west of Ireland. Featuring William Coulter (guitar and music direction), Tomáseen Foley (native Irish storyteller), Brian Bigley (uilleann pipes, Irish flute, dance), Edwin Huizinga (fiddle), Kara Mathias (Irish song), Samantha Harvey (accordion and dance), and Marcus Donnelley (dance).

Presented by the Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay. 

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This is an off-campus event located at the Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean St, Santa Cruz 95062.
Parking at the Resource Center.
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