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Off-cycle Funding

Off-Cycle Travel/Contingency Requests - up to $1000 in each category
Apply online here:

When available, off-cycle travel funds are intended to support travel to venues at which faculty have been invited to present research or other creative activity.

Off-cycle contingency funds, when available, are intended to support unforeseen research opportunities which arise outside the regular ARI funding cycles.

Off-cycle proposals should include an explanation of the unforeseen contingency or travel circumstance, and a budget.
In general, contingency funds will NOT be granted for projects previously funded.

If applying for funds to supplement an existing ARI-funded project, the narrative must explain why additional support is required, and why such a need could not have been foreseen at the time of the original application to ARI. 
Please supply ARI with documentation concerning your contingency fund request.

In any case you must apply for “off-cycle” funds prior to making expenditures or undertaking the travel for which you will be reimbursed. These funds may not be applied retroactively.

Due to limited available funds, no more than $1000 in contingency funds will be awarded to a person in one year. No one person can receive more than $2K in combined travel and contingency funding in any academic year.

Application for off-cycle funding is on-going. Decisions will be made by the Executive Committee on a case-by-case, first come, first served basis until the off-cycle monies are expended.