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Hiring FAQS

How can I hire an undergrad student?

1. Access the Employee Request System (ERS) by requesting a user name and password from HR Timekeeper.

2. Sign into the ERS system.

3. Fill out the employment request for the undergraduate job description you are seeking to hire.


How can I hire a Graduate Student Researcher?

Contact Arts Division Human Resources Analyst Katie Arnold   (831) 459-3338 

Please fill out the corresponding forms for the GSR hiring authorization.


How can I hire a contractor/service provider?

Log into CruzBuy. Use the Services form found on the home page.

Service providers must include travel charges in the initial invoice cost and cannot be paid separately for those expenses.


How can I hire a model for my class?

The Performance Agreement is most often used when paying models up to $500. Performance Agreement

For payments greater than $500, log into CruzBuy and use the Service form found on the home page.