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Submitting Artwork & FOAPAL

Make sure you obtain:
An account number (FOAPAL) from your unit/department in advance!

Once your space reservation has been confirmed, deliver your hard-copy artwork in person (Porter College D120) or campus mail. An email with the FOAPAL should be sumitted with the reservation. 

Work on your sign will NOT proceed until we have received BOTH the artwork AND the FOAPAL.

= = = = = = = = = = 


1 - We will need a hard copy. Your 2 inch by 7 inch artwork must be submitted as a printed document on a full sheet of paper. Print from a quality color laserprinter, if possible. (You may also attach printed copies of a related brochure or poster as samples of color or images that our painter can refer to.)  

2 - Please do not submit your final artwork to us via email. We cannot accept digital files, nor can we print them for you. 

4 - Please do not submit original or one-of-a-kind art. We cannot return anything you submit to us.