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Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Appointment Title

  A Graduate Student Researcher is a full-time registered UCSC graduate student appointed to assist in performing research under the direction of a ladder-rank faculty member or authorized Principal Investigator.

Terms and Conditions

 GSRs are selected for high achievement and promise as creative scholars;  they may collaborate in the publication of research results as determined by supervising faculty members.  GSRs may not be assigned teaching, administrative, or general assistance duties.  A graduate student must be registered in the previous Spring quarter to be eligible for a Summer GSR appointment.  The Dean of the Graduate Division must approve all exceptions to appointment criteria.

 No appointment as a Graduate Student Researcher, either by itself or in combination with other University employment, shall exceed half time (twenty hours per week) during an academic quarter.  Graduate Student Researchers may work more than half time between quarters (including summer) without an exception.

Fee and Tuition Remission for GSRs

 Graduate Student Researchers qualify for full fee and tuition remission if they are appointed for at least 25%, in all GSR appointments combined, over the three months of the quarter.  Full fee and tuition remission includes the payment of fees, health insurance for all eligible students, and nonresident tuition if applicable.

 These benefits must be paid from the funding source that pays the student’s salary.  Fellowship funds may not be used for this purpose.  The cost of these benefits will be charged to the funding source quarterly.  Please note, if a student’s fees/health insurance/nonresident tuition are being paid by an external funding agency (e.g., foreign government, private agency), they are not eligible for fee remission benefits.

                            Adjusted Pay Scale


                  Step            Annual             Monthly        Hourly

                     4                $50,484            $4,207.00       $24.18

                     5                $53,832            $4,486.00       $25.78

                     6                $56,340            $4,695.00       $26.98


See link below for UCSC Graduate Student Fees 2018-19 chart

PDF icon UCSC Graduate Student Fees 2018-1924.54 KB