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Arts Division Staff

Events Manager
Academic Human Resources Analyst
Digital Imaging Specialist
IT Director
ITS Divisional Liaison to the Arts
Director of Student Opportunity, Success, and Equity
Digital Media Specialist
Business Office Manager
Associate Dean
Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture
Development Consultant
Assistant Director, Arts Communications
Promotion Manager
Technical Coordinator for Digital Arts and New Media
Dean's Office Assistant
Facilities Coordinator
Sesnon Gallery Director
Academic Personnel Payroll Specialist
Student Opportunity, Success, and Equity Intern
Director of Finance
Acting Dean of the Arts
Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
Events Manager
Assistant Dean of the Arts
Academic Planning and Curriculum Analyst
Arts Designer - Retired
Sesnon Gallery Manager
Arts Health and Safety Advisor
UC Center of Excellence for Performing Arts Safety Leader
IT Manager
Lead Digital Media Specialist
Operations Manager
Staff HR Analyst
Director, Institute of the Arts and Sciences
IT Systems and Support Manager