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The Pirates of Penzance

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The Dean’s office would like to know what events you are planning. This includes performances, exhibitions, artist talks, film screenings, concerts, etc. presented by the departments, research centers, and programs of the UCSC Arts Division. Please help us know what events are on the horizon by completing the Arts Event Submission form (link above).

[Note: For non-Arts users of an Arts Division event facility, please fill out this form so we may create an online event listing for you on ]

Once you submit your event, Arts staff will create online listings in the Arts Division website and the UCSC Events calendar. Those listings may generate additional promotion in the Arts Division e-newsletter, UCSC's weekly ad in the Good Times, on social media, and on radio—at no additional cost to you or your department.

We're excited to help you promote your event! Please contact the Arts Marketing Team if you have any questions.

Need to request event-related services from the Arts Events Office? Please get in touch with the AEO at