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Tips for Designing An Effective Sign

You and your graphic designer are responsible for your sign's readability.

The Arts Events Office doesn't provide design services, but we are happy to offer suggestions and advice for laying out an effective barn sign.

Browse some recent Barn Signs for reference and inspiration.


- For maximum readability and effectiveness, please design within the 80-character limit. (See Pricing page for details about charges for extra characters.)
- Use medium-to high-resolution for your electronic artwork. Higher resolution is required because the artwork will be printed before it is projected onto the building. Recommended size: 2" x 7" horizontal image at 300 dpi
- Use simple, striking art and clear type to make your sign stand out, and design using only the most essential text. 
- Competing for attention: Since there are four panels on the Barn, your Barn Sign may appear next to other, possibly stronger artwork.
- Use contrasting colors for background and text.
- Arts Division related campaigns should incorporate the Arts Division logo lockup into their design.
- Click here for more information on how to submit your artwork.

Please Note:
Since this is a handmade process, the final artwork painted on the side of the barn will not be identical to the digital art that is submitted. The painter doesn't color match using matching systems (such as Pantone) but they create and mix the colors to match as closely as possible.