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Submitting Artwork & FOAPAL

Make sure you obtain an expense account number (FOAPAL) from your unit/department in advance!

Work on your sign will NOT proceed until we have received BOTH the artwork AND the FOAPAL.

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1 - Submit your design in a 2 inch x 7 inch format (horizontal). If you are submitting a hard copy, please print from a quality color laserprinter, if possible. (You may attach printed copies of a related photo, brochure, or poster that our painter can refer to.

2 - Include a FOAPAL with your submission.

3 - Please do not submit original or one-of-a-kind art. We cannot return anything you submit to us.

4 - Deliver your hard-copy artwork in person  to us in Porter College D120, send via campus mail to mail stop "Porter Faculty Services", or email a pdf to