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Information for Non-Arts Division Producers


AEO staff is happy to consult with you BEFORE your event is promoted publicly and BEFORE tickets go on sale.

See also: Things to Know in Advance

✓  Determine maximum seating capacity for your event

  1. First, confirm the actual seating capacity for the venue. (See links to seating charts.)
  2. Subtract the number of seats that you will *not* offer for seating to audience members. (Are you blocking off any seats for a camera tripod? Using seats for musicians? Will any seats be removed from sale because of limited sightlines?)

✓  Select a Representative from your organization to be available at the event

  1. Select someone close to your organization to act as your group's representative in the lobby at the event.
  2. The Event-Day Representative works closely with Arts Division's Audience Services crew.
  3. The representative will meet with the student House Manager approx. 1.5 hours prior to scheduled start time to coordinate details.
  4. The representative will make themselves available in the lobby area as guests arrive.
  5. The representative will be called upon to address any special ticket requests, guest queries about the organization, queries about the event program, queries about the artists or speakers.

✓  Ticket instructions for NON-ARTS groups and producers

  1. Please issue ten (10) complimentary tickets to the Arts Events Office. Bring them to the House Manager on duty at the event. In the Recital Hall these 10 tickets will be used as follows: four (4) "House Seats" will be used to resolve ticketing or seating issues, and up to six (6) will be used for Usher seats. (Note: Other venues may have slightly different numbers. We will advise you.) The House Manager will return unused "House Manager" tickets to you for re-issue to guests.
  2. Do *not* offer tickets exceeding the number of available seats.
  3. A seat = a ticket. A ticket = a seat.
  4. If you are issuing complimentary tickets ("comps") to any guests or VIPs, please include these in the total number of tickets for your event.
  5. We highly recommend you issue 4-10 VIP tickets to yourself so you have tickets "in your pocket" for unexpected seating needs. You can always release these tickets for sale if you don't need them.

✓  Please deliver printed programs to the House Manager 1 hour before the advertised start time.