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Services We Offer

Services Offered by the Arts Division Events Office

All producers:
Audience Management and Customer Service (in Arts venues)
Barn Sign panel

Arts Division presenters:
Program booklet production
Poster or flyer production
Poster or flyer distribution

Who pays for these services?

Audience Management, House Management, Customer Service

The Arts Events Office manages a crew of student ushers and house managers who are trained to manage performances and public presentations in Arts Division facilities.

The Arts Division house management crew will:

  • Provide crowd management
  • Provide assistance to audience members
  • Manage audience admission to the venue
  • Serve patrons with disabilities
  • Observe and enforce campus and state safety regulations
  • Coordinate opening and closing/securing the venue with the event stage manager or production manager
  • Observe departmental policies to limit food and liquid spills or damage.
  • Admit late arrivals in such a way as to limit disruption to presenters, performers, and other audience members.
  • Coordinate with ticketing staff and parking services as needed

Barn Sign Panel

Ticketing Services to Arts Division on

  • The Arts Division offers ticketing for performances and events produced within the Arts Division.
  • AEO will set up an online advance purchase portal for you and your guests.
  • AEO staff will schedule a ticketing manager and sales crew to provide service at the event.
  • Per-event and per-ticket charges apply (from UCSC CHES/Conference Services and from the Arts Division).
  • Producers may request online access to attendance and sales reports for their events. Please contact Arts Ticketing/Arts Events.
  • To purchase tickets or view online reports, please create a UCSC user account at

Program booklet or playbill

  • The Arts Events Office (AEO) can provide layout services for simple program booklets for the following: 1.) Music Department concerts directed by faculty (including ensemble concerts) or featuring special visiting artists, and 2.) for productions from the Theater Arts Department. Other requests will be considered or possibly referred to the Arts Division graphic designer.
  • The process requires time for: receipt of content, initial page layout, circulation of a 1st draft for proofing and corrections, review by producer, circulation of a 2nd/final draft, printing, and delivery to producer. (Programs will be delivered to you or your department's production manager 1 day before the event.) Multi-page printing jobs with collating, folding, and stapling ("stitching") are printed off campus and can take several days from start to finish.
  • Timelines: Please submit your edited and approved content no later than 6 weeks before your event. (Note: Content for a simple folded 1-sheet booklet can be submitted 4 weeks before your event. Multi-sheet programs require longer lead time.)
  • Please make sure your team has edited and vetted the content *before* you submit it to us.


  • The AEO may be available to design a standard poster for your FACULTY project or performance.
  • Please email us to discuss options.
  • Timeline: we recommend you contact us at least 8 weeks before your event to begin the process. (Flyers will be delivered from the printer approx. 4 weeks before the event. This allows adequate time for distribution.)
  • The Arts Division may also be able to offer the services of a contract graphic designer for more complex design and marketing projects.

Design and Layout

  • Before you submit your content for layout, your team will need to allow yourselves plenty of time to compile, edit, vet, review, and approve poster content in advance.
  • All requested materials must be submitted by agreed-upon deadlines in order for the design and layout work to go forward. Timing is crucial; there is little "wiggle room."

Distribution and postering

  • Once the printed posters are delivered, we can contract the services of a professional distribution company on your behalf.
  • We work with Clutch Courier who requires printed matter in hand 4 weeks in advance of the event.

Who Pays for These Services?

Your event will cover the expense of all products or services that AEO orders at your request, including:
- requested printed materials (including program)
- poster distribution / posting
- house management crew
- ticketing crew (service available to Arts Division only)
- barn sign painting

The services of the staff of the Arts Division Events Office are provided gratis by the Arts Division to Arts Division producers.
TAPS provides event services at no cost to your production.
Baseline marketing services from the Arts Division are provided at no cost. (These include online event listings, social media posts, potential inclusion in radio promotion and the Arts Division e-news+announcements.)