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Sabrina Eastwood

Assistant Director, Arts Events
  • Provide event planning and management for units in the Arts Division
  • Oversee audience experience from ticket purchase… to arrival in the parking lot… to access and comfort inside the event venue
  • Respect the Americans with Disabilities Act and work to create ease of access at events
  • Design and layout materials that are pleasing and effective
  • Edit and manipulate images for publication and reproduction
  • Craft speaker-friendly announcements for radio
  • Proofread and edit print and electronic content
  • Produce live Zoom events

More about me:

I hold a bachelor's degree in Language Studies / Linguistics from UC Santa Cruz and am proud to be an alumni staff member!

I'm particularly focused on effective visual and written communication. How can we connect with people in the most straightforward, immediate and thoughtful way?
I love creating effective communications for a variety of applications in marketing, audience services, training. Engaging and accessible writing and presentation create engaged participants and partners.

I have decades of expertise in copy writing, editing, proofreading, marketing, media buys, writing for radio, visual communication, project management, and event management. I can identify a typo in a restaurant menu within 2 minutes without even trying, but absolutely need another set of eyes to review my own writing.

My event planning and management skills have been honed over decades in music, theater, and event production. Favorite projects include the amazing after-dark "First Night Santa Cruz" procession and leading the annual "Gail Rich Awards" which featured presentations and performances by movers and shakers who impacted our community and which ran for 20 years.

I have a life-long interest in singing and harmonizing, musical theater, event production, words, word play (I will nerd-out in any language!), typography, photography, page composition and graphic communication. I love the International Phonetic Alphabet and learning sounds in other languages. I am grateful to have lived abroad in both The Netherlands and Mexico, and I have had the great privilege to travel on every continent on the globe—except Antarctica.

Cooking for friends and loved ones might be my favorite thing.


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