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Angela Steele

IT Manager
Lead Digital Media Specialist

I've been working at U.C. Santa Cruz since 1995.  I'm also a UCSC alum of the Jack Baskin School of Engineering and Oakes College.

My time at UCSC has been primarily spent providing IT support to clients in Physical Plant, Physical Planning and Construction, the Social Sciences Division, ITS-Application Solutions, and currently ITS-Academic Divisional Computing; where my main role is to support,direct, and manage the technical needs of the Film and Digital Media Department.

In my free time I like to run, sew, and quilt.  On a regular basis you'll find me up early on a Sunday morning heading to either a half marathon or a quilt class.

Honors and Awards: 

UCSC Arts Division Excellence in Staff Support - ITS, 2013

Selected Presentations: 

UCCSC Conference, U.C. Davis, 2009 "FERPA: Protecting Student Record Data While Utilizing it in Instructional Technology"

UCCSC Conference, U.C. Irvine, 2012 "1 Developer? Not a Problem: The NEW Film+Digtal Media Equipment Lab Reservation System at UCSC"

Education and Training: 
B.A., Computer Science (1999)
University of California, Santa Cruz
(831) 459-4242
Mailing Address: 

U.C. Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA  95064