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John Baldwin

Local IT Specialist, Humanities Computing, UCSC
Arts Computing Student Technician, 2014 - 17
Professional Interests: 

I am a transfer student from two different community colleges.  I returned to school after taking 10 years off to pursue other interestes.  I spent 5 years outside the university getting my education.  After being admitted into the bioengineering department I spent my first year going to class and working in the Arts Division.  I now am a TIM major with aspirations of grad school, all while still working here on campus.


Working under Dung Wong and Scotty Brookie in the Arts Division as a student worker I usually am on call around the office to fix computers such as being the first person to diagnose issues with hardware and the network.  Over the summer we upgraded many of the older machines to new Apple products while cleaning up older machines to re-deploy them.  Day to day activity usually entails answering emails and phone calls from facilty and staff about issues that have come up.