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Scholarships and Fellowships


William H. and Susan B. Irwin Fund
Established in 1986, this visual arts fund provides scholarship opportunities for both undergraduate students (“Irwin Scholars”), as well as fellowships for graduate students (“Irwin Fellows”).  These students are pursuing visual arts in the realms of painting, sculpting, ceramics, photography, printmaking, lithography, drawing, etching, silk-screening, graphic arts, design, history and appreciation of arts, and architecture at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Each scholarship/fellowship is awarded a minimum of $2,500 for the year, intended to provide funds for tuition, materials, and book fees. Selection of individuals to receive the scholarships and/or fellowships is based upon financial need and merit.

Eduardo Carrillo Memorial Fund
Created in honor of the late Art Department Professor Eduardo Carrillo, a passionate and prolific artist, known for his adamant academic outreach to high school students and for speaking out for the possibilities of attaining a university education. Today, Carillo’s vision and values are carried on in his legacy, as the need-based scholarship provides funds to UC Santa Cruz art majors who have achieved high academic merit in painting, drawing, or sculpture. Scholarship recipients can use the funds as needed to fulfill their academic and artistic goals.

Art/ Digital Arts and New Media (DANM)

The Virginia Rose "Ginny" Kleker Memorial Endowment
Established in 2010 to support first and second year undergraduate students interested in the electronic arts/photography/digital arts and new media. The Endowment was created to support and retain talented students by assisting them in achieving their goals, based on financial need (not to be used for tuition costs).

Film + Digital Media

Eli Hollander Aspiring Filmmaker Award
This award encourages young filmmakers to creatively push the boundaries of expression and challenge the art of change. It honors, encourages, and brings notice to outstanding students in production, giving a platform to promising filmmakers, who are deeply engaged in finding an original and personal "voice" through their work.  It honors Professor Emeritus Eli Hollander who helped pioneer the production concentration within the major and was deeply inspirational to those students who studied with him over four decades.  In addition, the award provides material support for the completion of a project or as seed-money for further creations.


Dora Binder Skolnick Memorial Fund
Established in 1982, this fund is used for the Dora Binder Skolnick Priz, a yearly award given to an undergrade or graduate music student in need of financial support. The student must demonstrate both outstanding achievement in musical performance, as well as an outstanding potential for future achievement.

UCSC Endowment for Classical Music
Established in 1992, this endowment provides financial assistance to undergraduate students pursuing a major in classical music at UC Santa Cruz.

Classical Music Endowment
Provides financial assistance to undergraduate students pursuing a major in music at UC Santa Cruz.

Grosvenor Cooper Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1992, this scholarship is a merit-based award (with financial need brought into secondary consideration) given to second and third year UC Santa Cruz students who, in the spirit of Dr. Cooper, “demonstrate a joyful enthusiasm for music beyond academic pursuit.” The recipient does not need to be a declared music major, but must be currently enrolled in a music class.

Ernest and Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Established in 1992, this scholarship is a merit based scholarship awarded to students declared as music majors, and preferably studying piano or keyboard instruments.

Eltinge Music Endowment
Established in 1997, this endowment provides support for the Music Department at UC Santa Cruz and its area of greatest need, as well as scholarships for talented and deserving students. The endowment also provides support for the instrumental/vocal instruction program that benefits all students by providing lessons that are key to the quality of their experience at UC Santa Cruz.

Resident String Quartet
Your gift supports scholarships for students to participate in a number of public concerts with the Resident String Quartet Program.

George Barati Cello Scholarship
Established in 1998 in honor of Ruth Barati’s husband, George Barati (1913-96). Born in Gyor, Hungary, George Barati was a complete musician—conductor, composer, performer. The scholarship is awarded by the Department of Music at UC Santa Cruz to a promising music major whose principal instrument is the cello. It is the intent of the donor that the scholarship be awarded to an incoming freshman and that the award be part of the financial aid package designed to recruit and a retain a cellist to play in the Resident String Quartet Ensemble.

Nicole Auclair Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003 in memory of Nicole Auclair, a student majoring in Music at UC Santa Cruz, the Nicole Auclair Memorial Scholarship Fund provides need-based scholarships for talented and deserving students majoring in Music.


Priscilla Newton Undergraduate Scholarship
Founded in 1991, the Priscilla Newton Theater Arts Scholarship is a merit and financial need based award, given annually to an undergraduate student showing great promise and theatrical performance abilities. Strong preference is given to women students majoring in Theater Arts.

Dharma-Grace Foundation Creative Writing Award
Established in 2005, the Dharma-Grace Foundation Creative Writing Award Fund, an endowed fund, provides an award for an outstanding script, written by a junior or senior undergraduate student who is in good academic standing. The award is designated to provide the funding for a full production of the script. Eligible candidates for the award will be selected by a faculty committee of the Department of Performance, Play & Design and recommended to the Dean of the Division of Arts for final approval. The faculty committee will determine the amount of the award.​


If you are interested in learning how you can set up an endowment or scholarship fund, or would like to contribute to an existing fund, please contact the Arts Development office.