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Human Resources

Fee and Tuition Remission for GSRs

GSRs qualify for full fee and tuition remission (which will be covered by the funding source) if they are appointed at least 25% time or greater, in all GSR and other appointments combined, over the three months of the quarter (fall, winter, or spring quarters only; summer GSRs do not receive fee and tuition remission).  Full fee and tuition remission includes the payment of fees, health insurance (GSHIP) for all eligible students, and nonresident tuition if applicable.

These benefits must be paid from the funding source that pays the student’s salary.  Fellowship funds may not be used for this purpose.  The cost of these benefits will be charged to the funding source quarterly.  Please note, if a student’s fees/health insurance/nonresident tuition are being paid by an external funding agency (e.g., foreign government, private agency), they are not eligible for fee remission benefits.

Arts Division GSR Salaries (effective October 1, 2019)

                                                Step            Annual             Monthly        Hourly

Incoming Arts Grads:                 4                $53,556            $4,463.00       $25.65

With Master's Degree:               5                $57,120            $4,760.00       $27.36

Advanced to PhD Candidacy:    6                $59,772            $4,981.00       $28.63

NOTE: Students affiliated with another division must be appointed at the step determined by their home department/division.

Employment Benefits

During the academic year, employment benefits are approximately an additional 3% (based off of salary). During the summer (July 1st to September 30th), employment benefits are approximately an additional 3.5% (based off of salary).

Health Insurance Eligibility

Graduate students are covered by student health insurance (GSHIP) throughout the year (including the summer). If a student is appointed at 75% time or greater (all appointments combined) for three months or longer, the student becomes eligible for additional coverage (employee Core medical coverage). This typically only applies during the summer. A student covered by GSHIP may find that they prefer the student coverage to Core (due to Core's high deductable). If an individual is enrolled in Core and GSHIP concurrently, the Core coverage would likely be considered primary coverage. The choice to enroll in the additional Core coverage is up to the graduate student. Should they choose to enroll, the funding source will be charged for the cost of the Core medical coverage premium (about $250 per month).

Graduate Student Fees (effective 2019-2020)

*Note: This information can be found at the Office of the Registrar's webpage.

  • Student Services Fee - $376.00
  • Tuition - $3,814.00
  • GSA Approved Fees - $412.70
  • Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHIP) - $1,619.00
  • Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (non-California residents or international students) - $5,034.00

Total Quarterly Fees (California Resident/US Citizen): $6,221.70

Total Quarterly Fees (Non-California Resident/International Student): $11,255.70

[Of the fees listed above, only the GSHIP can be waived (see the UCSC Student Health Center webpage for more information). International Students must pay the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition until they have advanced to candidacy, after which the student will not be charged Nonresident Supplemental Tuition for the following three years.]