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Architectures of Memory

A public art event
Saturday, October 22, 2011 - 2:00am
Mitchell's Cove, West Cliff Drive at Sunset Ave, Santa Cruz
Presented by: 
Digital Arts and New Media
Theater Arts Department


“Architectures of Memory” is a site-specific, multi-channel video projection event situated within the ocean inlet at West Cliff Drive and Sunset Avenue in Santa Cruz, California.


Through personal recollections and the dynamic cohesion of video projection design, this public artwork will explore the many complexities and poetics of the construction of memory and its erosion within the human brain. Content has been created from interviews with individuals about personal memory, its emotional correlations, and sensory characteristics. 


The ultimate goal of this piece is to create a public artwork that is dynamic and sensory, and that provides the viewer with a space for individual contemplation and collective experience.


This particular outdoor site offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for this work, with its combination of man-made structures and the natural erosion of the cliffs and surrounding area that has occurred over time. These very elements join to create a natural theater of sorts, a space beckoning for activation, exploration, and experience. At night, the site takes on a heightened sense of mystery and magic, with the sounds of the ocean amplified through the darkness, and the outlines of the ocean tide and outlying cliffs just visible to the eye.