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Honors @ 2013 Arts Retreat


On January 4, 2013 the Arts Division hosted a belated "2012 Arts Division Retreat" which had been re-scheduled from its original September date at the start of the academic year.


The day began early for assembled faculty, staff and arts students who gathered in Music Recital Hall for a morning and afternoon of divisional updates, research presentations, a greeting from Campus Provost Alison Galloway, a Q&A segment with Dean Yager, and awards for excellence in a range of categories from faculty researchers to outstanding undergraduates [pictured here with Dean Yager are Pamela Ong, Heidi Cramer and Veronica Tijoe]. "I was delighted to join David at this year's Arts retreat," said Provost Galloway," and I appreciated the opportunity to talk with staff and faculty about the coming year. What a surprise, though, to receive the Outstanding Arts Advocate Award! And what an honor."


The awards and remarks by Dean Yager were interspersed with a quartet of informative and exciting faculty presentations on their current research activites, including talks by professors David Evan Jones, Elisabeth Cameron, Lewis Watts, Jonathan Kahana, and Michael Chemers. Dean Yager's in-depth remarks about the recent divisional accomplishments were inspiring to the entire Division. In outlining his vision for the Arts in the years ahead, Dean Yager discussed the challenges of budget along with fundraising initiatives and the many accomplishments of our faculty researchers.  The invigorating day of meeting new colleagues and catching up with old acquaintances wrapped up with closing remarks and appreciation from Dean Yager. Despite difficult budgetary times the fourth annual Arts Retreat helped raise morale and refresh team spirit.