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The Inheritance: Screening and discussion with filmmaker Ephraim Asili

"The Inheritance," Dir. Ephraim Asili, 2020.
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - 7:00pm
Studio C, Communications Building
Presented by: 
Film and Digital Media

After nearly a decade exploring different facets of the African diaspora—and his own place within it—Ephraim Asili makes his feature-length debut with The Inheritance, an astonishing ensemble work set almost entirely within a West Philadelphia house where a community of young, Black artists and activists form a collective. A scripted drama of characters attempting to work towards political consensus—based partly on Asili’s own experiences in a Black liberationist group—weaves with a documentary recollection of the Philadelphia liberation group MOVE, the victim of a notorious police bombing in 1985. Ceaselessly finding commonalties between politics, humor, and philosophy, with Black authors and radicals at its edges, The Inheritance is a remarkable film about the world as we know it.

Filmmaker Ephraim Asili joins film scholar and Institute of the Arts and Sciences postdoc Althea Wasow in conversation directly following the screening.

Co-presented by Center for Documentary Arts and Research (CDAR) at UC Santa Cruz.



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image credit: "The Inheritance," Dir. Ephraim Asili, 2020.