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Hannah Jasper

Research Development Analyst for the Arts Research Institute (ARI)

Hannah is an arts administrator, curator, researcher, and writer who has worked for the last ten years helping to preserve and uplift critically important and yet unexamined stories. Hannah has contributed to developing new and ongoing projects at many distinguished arts and cultural organizations throughout the United States, including the University of Chicago, Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, The Children's Museum of Art and Social Justice, The Ed Paschke Art Center, and Culture Saving.

Hannah most recently worked on projects at the University of Chicago including, On The Record (2020), S is for Soul Sister (2020), In Spirit and Structure (2019), Amid Kinship (2019), Still Here (2019), and many more. Before that, she served as a Founder and lead Curator at the Children's Museum of Art and Social Justice, where she ushered in projects including indiGo (2018), Just Add Water (2018), Listening through the Walls (2017) and Springtime On Neptune (2017).

Hannah also serves as lead creative director for Culture Saving, an organization dedicated to securing arts sustainability by implementing exhibitions and cultural experiences that increase partnerships, positive visibility, and meaningful connections between arts organizations and their audiences.