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Adriana Galdos

Adriana Galdos


Internship: KQED

I believe that every kind of experience that we’re exposed to is crucial for our development, not only as young professionals, but on a personal level.

When Adriana applied for the CEI program she was impressed with how it would not only prepare her for a career, but also because the internship was giving her the opportunity to start a project that could lead the way for future UC Santa Cruz students. “I’ve been very fortunate to have many mentors and a support system that has guided me to achieve my professional goals,” says Adriana. “This program is one of them.”

Having been accepted as an intern at KQED in San Francisco, the nation’s largest public broadcast station, Adriana is very excited to be part of an organization that has existed for 60 years, supporting the community. “I cannot wait to learn from this incredible team and someday become one of them.”

Building strong relationships and future collaborations at KQED are key goals for Adriana along with pursuing her dream of becoming a professional filmmaker. One of her favorite pastimes is to attend film festivals and screenings, especially so she can meet and hear from filmmakers. “Filmmaking is my passion. When I’m not in school, I keep thinking, writing, and planning my next projects.”

To recharge, Adriana runs and has already completed two 5K runs, five half marathons, and one full marathon. “Running helps me to relax, and by completing these short-term goals, I’m encouraged to keep pushing for the long-term ones.”