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Joyce Lin

Joyce Lin

Art & Design: Games & Playable Media (Senior)

What is your dream job and why?

Game designer/artist/writer, where I can create content with a message, personal meaning, positive representation of minorities, and bring joy and resonance to people.

Name an artist or work of art that fascinates you and has inspired you. Why?

I’ve recently been following kldpxl, a pixel artist on Tumblr. His work effectively uses pleasing color schemes, highlights, and lighting in city/landscapes. Especially on tiny buildings, each pixel has a place, providing cute and compact detail - delicious to my eye. Pixel art like that inspires me to create my own pixel art.

What personal goal do you have for this academic year?

As always, I want to learn and grow. I’m also trying to get buff - we’ll see how that goes.

What three words would you describe yourself with?

Growth-oriented, Passionate, Subversive