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Reshma Zachariah

Reshma Zachariah

Art & Design: Games & Playable Media (Senior)


What is your dream job and why?

I want to do anything art and illustration related. My skillset is primarily geared toward game art and 2D illustration, so I am preparing for a job in the game industry as a concept artist or character artist. A pipe dream of mine would be to get into fashion illustration or physical product design (toys, clothing, etc.)

Name an artist or work of art that fascinates you and has inspired you. Why?

I love the aesthetic of one specific painting by Gustav Klimt called The Kiss because of its geometric composition and interesting shapes, but its opulence is what draws the eye most.

What personal goal do you have for this academic year?

I want to finish the year strong and leave my mark before I graduate!

What three words would you describe yourself with?

Empathetic, Creative, and Driven.