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Ben Dorsey, Violin, Music, UC Santa Cruz
  • What is the Creative Entrepreneurship Internship (CEI) Program?  

    • The Creative Entrepreneurship Internship (CEI) Program provides undergraduate and graduate students with the training and support necessary to generate opportunities in artistic and non-artistic fields alike, responding to unmet community and corporate needs that fuel the economic and cultural development of California.

    • More specifically, through this program a select cohort of qualified Arts Division students will be placed into paid summer internships that will expose them to both the life and business skills needed to develop careers in the creative economies of the 21st Century. After students return from their internships, students will be asked to pitch a creative project or idea based on their internship experience and creative practice. CEI will provide additional funds to nurture student projects and give them an entrepreneurial platform that will help students take projects from prototype to market.

  • Who can participate in CEI program?

    • CEI is open to all declared undergraduate and graduate Arts Division majors.  However, we strongly encourage students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to participate. We are committed to developing diverse representation of next-generation artists and change makers.

    • CEI participants must have an expected graduation date after Fall 2018.

    • Priority for the CEI program will be given to students who register for the spring Arts Dean`s Lecture Series (THEA 007 -  2 credits). For registration information, please see your department adviser.

  • Will funds be provided for living expenses?

    • Yes, in addition to the paid internship CEI will provide funds to assist students with travel, housing, and/or professional development expenses.

  • Will I be able to receive academic credit for internship?

    • Yes. Students can receive academic credit if partners agree to sign off on paperwork and students are able to secure a faculty member to sponsor internship coursework. Students can speak with their department advisers to get registration documents.

  • Do I have to pitch a creative project or idea following my internship experience?

    • Yes, all CEI participants are required to pitch a creative project or idea. Students will receive support to help generate ideas (pre-internship) and incubation support (post-internship) to help students carry out their projects. We strongly encourage students to register for the spring Arts Dean`s Lecture Series on Creative Entrepreneurship (THEA 007 -  2 credits). Part of this course will expose students to the insights needed to incubate their creative visions and get a sense of what it means to be an artist entrepreneur.

  • What happens if I don't get selected for CEI?

    • We strongly recommend that students pursue multiple internship opportunities, not only through CEI, but also taking advantage of resources available through the Career Center and their Department Advisor. The CEI team will also funnel other opportunities (e.g. internships and funded-projects) to departments, so it is very important to check your email for additional opportunities outside of the CEI program.  

  • I don't see my field/industry represented in the partner organizations, how can I still participate in CEI?

    • We are always looking for new organizations to partner with, so let us know what other organizations you would like to see in our partner list.