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Courtney Hunt

Courtney Hunt


Internship: Funomena

The idea of working for such a progressive company that puts human thoughts and emotions first is refreshing as well as intriguing.

Being an intern at Funomena, the San Francisco independent game studio founded by Robin Hunicke, who’s also a UCSC associate professor in Games & Playable Media, Courtney wants her experience there to help propel her future career in gaming. “Being blessed to work at Funomena, which is at the forefront of the industry regarding employee happiness and retention soothes any worries I might have had before about choosing my major and pursuing my dreams,” she says.

She’s eager to experience the real world outside of school and is looking forward to shadowing a games producer and finding out if that kind of job will fit her talents. After having heard Professor Hunicke speak in class about Funomena, Courtney was impressed with its company values and the culture that it’s cultivating.