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Creative Entrepreneurship Internship (CEI) Program

What is Creative Entrepreneurship?

Creative entrepreneurship is the practice of setting one’s self up as a solo entity or multi-person business that focuses on artistic or cultural content and/or knowledge production. Distinct from the straightforward business or social entrepreneur, creative entrepreneurs are tasked with bringing their own creativity and/or the creativity of others to market. 

What is The Creative Entrepreneurship Internship (CEI) Program?

In a world where creativity is prized above all else and innovation harnessed through personal agency is key to success, the pedagogy of the UC Santa Cruz Arts Division builds students’ capacity to work in the creative industries of the 21st Century.

Sponsored by the UC Office of the President, the Creative Entrepreneurship Internship Initiative creates a diversity pipeline through placing underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students in internships in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and other California regions.

The CEI—a component of the Division’s broader Arts and Entrepreneurship program—also provides interns with the opportunity to incubate ideas on the UC Santa Cruz campus.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Declared Arts Division major or enrollment in an arts division graduate program
  • Expected graduation date Spring 2020 or beyond