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Josselyne Morales

Josselyne Morales


Internship: Museo de Eduardo Carrillo

Being a part of the first wave of interns is an honor and a way for me to provide representation for future applicants.

Josselyne, who enjoys seeking out adventures as well as painting, taking photos, creative writing, and flower arranging, was initially drawn to the CEI program so that she could learn more about how artists can compete successfully in a very competitive job market.

“I expect that the educational impact of working with the Museo de Eduardo Carrillo will include a plethora of insight into the special world of an arts education nonprofit organization,” she says. “I am deeply passionate about the arts and education.”

Josselyne wants to gain a better understanding of how a nonprofit organization works with the goal of creating one of her own someday. Through her internship, she’ll also be researching the history of the Chicano art movement in California and the work of legendary Chicano artist (and former UC Santa Cruz art professor) Eduardo Carrillo.

Finding Carrillo’s dedication to his art inspirational, Josselyne also wants to promote underrepresented artists, especially in the educational system. “I really feel fortunate to have found an internship that aligns so well with my interests and long-term goals.”