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Meet 2019 CEI Cohort

CEI Interns of 2019

Meet the 2019 CEI Cohort!
This group of eleven exceptional students come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, and are majoring in various areas within the UC Santa Cruz Arts Division, including Art, Art and Design: Games and Playable Media, Film and Digital Media, Music, and Theater. 
Now in its second year, CEI provides off-campus opportunities, along with on-campus mentorships, which serve a twofold purpose: they expose students to a wide-array of potential careers and provide them with the crucial support needed to incubate their own creative visions. 
CEI is committed to supporting underserved populations in particular and believes that all students, regardless of their degree level, should be afforded rich opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary and extra-disciplinary work that goes beyond traditional arts training.
All of this year’s CEI students have been placed in outstanding organizations, many of which are nationally and even world-renowned in their respective fields. These internships will create a much-needed diversity pipeline to augment the creative work force throughout California. Our internship partners include: CalShakes, Chronicle Books, El Sistema, Impact Creative, ITVS, Legendary, Lionsgate, NASA NeMo-Net, and Vin Di Bona Productions.