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Shimul Chowdhury

Shimul Chowdhury


Internship: Chronicle Books

I’ve been inspired since being an undergrad and upon arriving at UC Santa Cruz by opportunities for interdisciplinary work. When I heard about the CEI internships in creative entrepreneurship, I knew immediately that I had to apply.

Throughout her time in college studying the arts, Shimul has been all too often asked about what kind of job she’ll be able to find, or what will she be able to do with an arts degree. “There’s a misconception that creative disciplines result in unemployment or dissatisfaction and I know that is not true,” she says.

Since moving from Florida to Santa Cruz last summer, Shimul hasn’t had the chance to spend much time outside of Santa Cruz, so she feels fortunate to have landed her internship at Chronicle Books, an independent book publisher in San Francisco. “As an avid reader, being able to see the behind-the-scenes production and publication of books will be a treat!”

She’s also curious about the office culture at Chronicle Books and how it will be a part of further collaboration. “My experience with large cities and office spaces (creative or otherwise) is limited, so I know that this internship will be especially eye opening for me.”