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Arts Resources

Monterey Career Connect

The Monterey Career Connect website is a great resource for students who are searching internships and jobs within the Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties

With Monterey Bay Career Coach, students are able to choose appropriate educational options aligned to promising local careers, counselors are able to access a user-friendly website to efficiently support student program and career planning, and college faculty can easily align curricula, certificates and degrees with up-to-date employer needs.

For internship opportunities in the Bay area (paid and unpaid), please visit the MB Internships website, where students can create a profile, resume, and a cover letter for different employers within their fields of interest. 


Monterey Career Coach - Resume Builder

The Resume Builder is an online tool designed to help students build a resume for potential job and internship applications. First, students must create an online account on the Monterey Career Coach website in order to gain access to the Resume Builder. The Resume Builder allows students to:

  • Fill out information within different sections of a resume (e.g. previous work experience, skills, educational history, etc.), and download an editable version to further personalize the resume.
  • Receive automated content suggestions for each job/ skill listed on the resume when describing previous work experience.
  • Use search tools in each resume section to access descriptions of different careers and the skills for a specific job.


Career Center - Jobs & Internships


  • The official UCSC Career Center job board. Use this platform to find your next internship or career opportunity! Need help finding a local job in Handshake? Click here for instructions.

ER System (On-campus Employment)

  • The ER (Employee Request) system offers both work-study and non work-study options to work on-campus. For more information about job opportunities, click here.

Undergraduate Research at UCSC

  • Get involved in undergraduate research in all disciplines both on and off campus.

Intern & Volunteer Resources

  • Advice and helpful websites for volunteering and internships.

Non-UCSC Affliated Job Boards


The College Grants Database

For students who wish to pursue a course of study in the arts, many scholarships and grant opportunities are available. Scholarships and grants are available for the study of Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and many other art forms. To apply for the grants and scholarships listed, check the website or resource for the award and make note of the application requirements and deadlines for submission.


Film Daily

Are you looking for film funding? Here is the list of the top film funding grants for filmmakers around the world. Choose which film grant best suits your independent film and then apply for film funding directly. Each film grant shows you their upcoming deadlines and by category to suit your project.


LA County Arts Comission

In 2000, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established the Arts Internship Program, which provides internships for nonprofit performing, presenting, literary and municipal arts organizations as a companion program to the Getty Multicultural Internship Program, which provides internships to museums and visual arts organizations. The purpose of the County’s program is to provide undergraduate students with meaningful on-the-job training and experience working in nonprofit arts organizations.


Santa Cruz Music Teachers Association

The Santa Cruz Music Teachers Association website provides links to many resources for music majors.

The Music Department awards scholarships on the basis of talent. Competitions are held each May. To compete, a student must be nominated by her/his teacher. For first-year students, and transfer and re-entering students, auditions will be held at the end of fall quarter at the time of juries to accommodate those who were not enrolled the previous spring. Scholarships are also available to new, incoming students through a tape competition, and through the Santa Cruz Music Teachers Association, which holds a competition each spring. Interested students should inquire through their teachers (who must be MTA members).


UCSC Music Hub

The UCSC Music Hub provides graduate and undergraduate students with internships, scholarships, teaching jobs and more!