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Major Project Grants

Individual: maximum of $12,000; Collaborative: maximum of $20,000

Faculty seeking research support totaling $3,000 or less should apply for a Minor Grant

2019-20 Application Opens: Saturday, December 1, 2018

2019-20 Application Deadline: Friday, February 1, 2019

Applicants for Major Grants must seek funding from the Committee on Research (NFRG, FRG, or SRG).  Applicants for ARI funding must submit a copy of their COR grant application along with their ARI application in order to be considered.

Apply online here:


  • A. Purpose.

These highly competitive grants support specific projects that will enhance the national and international prominence of the arts at UCSC and increase the quality and vitality of research or creative work in theory, scholarship, and/or practice in the arts. These criteria will form the basis for the Committee's award decisions.​

  • B. Types of Grants and Eligibility.

Applications will be accepted in two categories: (a) Individual major project grants, and (b) Collaborative major project grants. Funding levels differ (see below). All Arts Division ladder faculty may apply as individuals and/or part of a collaborative project. ​

  • C. Individual major project grants.

Individual ladder faculty members in the Arts Division may apply for a major project grant. Levels of support in this category are up to $12,000. In order to maximize support for worthy projects, few applications will be funded at the $12,000 level; therefore applicants should apply only for the funding needed and carefully justify all expenses. NOTE: Individuals who receive a major project grant will not be awarded a Faculty Minor grant in the same academic year.

  • D. Collaborative major project grants.

Groups of faculty (which may include lecturers) may apply for grants of up to $20,000.  A collaborator must be a research colleague who plays a key creative role in the project proposed, not merely one of many participants involved in carrying out the proposed project. Collaborative researchers are essentially co-principal investigators, as opposed to participants in the execution of the project. Collaborators from other divisions, and other institutions, must attempt to seek additional funding. Collaborators must supply a letter or email of commitment to the project, which must accompany the application. Awards will normally be less than the $20,000 maximum; funding at the highest level permitted by these guidelines will be reserved for extraordinary proposals. Therefore, applicants should apply only for the funds needed and should carefully justify all expenses. Please note these specific requirements: (1) each application must detail a unified, coherent project (not a diverse set of projects by various members of the group; a lecture series based on a unified theme or a mini-conference or inter-related series of seminars fulfills this requirement); (2) One faculty member must serve as PI (principal investigator) for the project; that person must be the leading creative participant and/or organizer. 

Individuals awarded a collaborative grant remain eligible for a Faculty Minor grant in the same year.

  • E. Multiple applications.

Researchers may not apply for more than one Major Project grant at a time, as the Committee weighs feasibility of completion among its criteria for funding.

  • F. Application deadline and award notification.

Applications for Major Project Grants must be received in by February 1, 2019. Individuals will be informed about funding during the Spring 2019 quarter and ​grants commence July 1, 2019.   Late or incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the committee. No extensions will be granted. Funding will not be carried over after the two year limit. Any unspent funds will automatically revert to the ARI.​