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Visitor Information

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UC is Smoke-Free

All University of California campuses are tobacco and smoke-free. Smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and unregulated nicotine products are strictly prohibited. The change has been made to ensure the health and well-being of everyone on campus. For more information, visit

Advice for Your Device:
Cell Phones, Texting, Photography, Video and Audio Recording

Please put away devices during formal lectures and performances where house lights are dimmed and focus is on the stage. The illuminated screens of phones, cameras, tablets, and other communication and recording devices are distracting to performers and other audience members. Please TURN OFF all recording or communication devices and put them away for the duration of the performance. PLEASE DO NOT CHECK OR SEND MESSAGES DURING THE PERFORMANCE. Everyone thanks you for your consideration of others.

If you wish to record or photograph a formal performance or presentation of the Arts Division, please get written permission from the venue manager in advance.


WHEELCHAIRS: All our venues are wheelchair accessible, and all venues have spaces for patrons who will remain seated in a wheelchair. Wheelchair seating is limited and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that for safety reasons, our staff cannot provide lifting assistance to patrons.

Please feel free to contact the Arts Events Office (, 459-2787) to confirm that accessible seating is available for the performance of your choice and to arrange your tickets in advance. For ticketed presentations with reserved seating, we highly recommend advance purchase of accessible seating for performances. (For non-ticketed or general seating presentations, we recommend early arrival. Doors open 30 minutes before the advertised start time.) 

PARKING: patrons may be dropped off directly in front of our venues; adjacent parking is available for vehicles displaying a parking placard.

LIMITED MOBILITY: Each venue features a number of fixed seats that are accessible without stairs.

MAINSTAGE THEATER: Most seats in the Mainstage Theater are accessible ONLY by stairs. A ramp at Door 5 provides access for wheelchairs. A limited number of seats on the entry level (Row J) at Door 5 can be accessed without using steps. The Mainstage is equipped with handrails at the end of each row.
The Mainstage Theater can comfortably accommodate 2 wheelchairs and companions/guests, depending on the size and type of the wheelchair(s) and the number in each party.

Service Animals & Support Animals

Please leave pets at home.

UC Santa Cruz welcomes working service animals that are necessary to assist patrons with disabilities. Trained service animals are well behaved and must remain on a leash or harness at all times. Please contact the event's producer or venue manager if you intend to bring a service animal to an event so that appropriate seating can be reserved for you. In some venues, there are limited seating spaces appropriate for aniimals. We want to be sure you and your service animal are comfortable and that patrons seated near you are as well. (Contact Arts Division Events Office: 831-459-2787)

Individuals with disabilities, including visitors, who utilize service animals on campus grounds are encouraged to register their animal with Santa Cruz County Animal Services. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to affiliate with the Disability Resource Center. Staff and faculty must contact the Disability Management Coordinator in the Staff Human Resources Benefits Office. Service animal partners must take responsibility for meeting legal requirements, ensuring that animals are under their control, and adhering to cleanup rules.

Support Animals are animals that individuals with disabilities utilize for emotional support, well-being, or comfort. Because they are not individually trained to perform work or tasks, support animals are not service animals. Please be mindful of others (including those who may be wary of dogs, including children) if you decide to bring a support animal to a public event.

More information here.

Late Seating

Admitting latecomers after a performance begins is often disruptive to performers and to other audience members. Latecomers will be admitted to performances at an appropriate pause designated by the artist or the house manager.

Please note: in some cases, THERE MAY BE NO LATE SEATING. Please confirm in advance.

Please allow 20-30 minutes to park, purchase a parking permit, find a parking place, make your way  to the venue, and be admitted to the theater. (If you arrive at the venue later than 15 minutes before curtain, we cannot guarantee that you will see the first portion of the program.)

Young Audience Members

Due to adult language, mature themes, or content, as well as special effects including sudden loud noises (such as realistic theatrical gunfire), most of our programs are NOT SUITABLE for children, toddlers, and infants. We strongly encourage parents to exercise discretion when considering whether to bring a child to any performance.

Please check our schedule for periodic programs that are especially tailored to young people and families.

>> Regardless of age, each child MUST HAVE A TICKET for an individual seat. <<


Audience members of all ages should sit quietly without disrupting the performance.
Please unwrap cough drops and throat lozenges before the performance starts.

Food, Beverages

With the exception of water in non-breakable containers, food and beverages are not permitted inside our indoor venues. Please enjoy food in the lobby or outdoors so we can keep our theaters clean. Thank you.