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WHEELCHAIRS: All our venues are wheelchair accessible, and all venues offer accessible spaces for patrons who will remain seated in a wheelchair. Wheelchair seating is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that for safety reasons, our staff cannot provide lifting assistance to patrons.

Please contact the Arts Events Office (, 459-2787) to confirm that accessible seating is available for the performance of your choice and to arrange your tickets in advance. For ticketed presentations with reserved seating, we highly recommend online advance purchase of accessible seating for performances.

For non-ticketed or general seating presentations, we strongly recommend early arrival. Doors open 30 minutes before the advertised start time.

PARKING: patrons may be dropped off directly in front of our venues; adjacent parking is available for vehicles displaying a parking placard.

LIMITED MOBILITY and STAIRS: Arts Division venues include a limited number of seats/spaces that are accessible without stairs.

The Recital Hall has stairs and no handrails. Seats in the front and back rows are accessible without stairs.

The Second Stage has NO stairs.

The Theater Arts Mainstage has stairs with handrails; a limited number of seats are accessible without stairs.

Most seats in the Mainstage are accessible ONLY by stairs.

Guests using a wheelchair or with limited mobility use the entrance ramp at Door 5 entrance. A limited number of seats on the entry level (Row J) at Door 5 are accessible without using steps. The Mainstage is equipped with handrails at the end of each row.
The Mainstage Theater can accommodate up to two wheelchairs plus companions/guests, depending on the size and type of the wheelchair(s) and the number in each party. A maximium of four people per party can be accommodated in the disability seating area.