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- All Arts event venues are wheelchair accessible. 
- For those with mobility needs who will *not* be seated in a wheelchair inside the venue, please note that the aisles in the Theater Arts Mainstage and the Recital Hall have stairs. 
- Most venues have 2-4 spaces for wheelchairs. Wheelchair seating space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
- Guests purchasing a ticket for an accessible seat may purchase up to three (3) additional seats for their companions in the same row for a total of four (4) seats.
- Some venues offer wheelchair accessible spaces only in the rear of the venue, others in the front. 
- Guests may be dropped off directly in front of the building. Adjacent parking is available for vehicles displaying a parking placard. See “Parking” for additional information.
- For safety reasons, our staff cannot provide lifting assistance to patrons.
- Contact the events staff if you have any questions or particular needs. We can be reached M-F during business hours (, 459-2787).

Baskin Visual Arts Center: various
- Entry to facilities at grade.

Communications Building: Theater C
- Entry and accessible seating are located on main floor.

Digital Arts Research Center: various
- Ground floor entry. 
- Elevator access to upper floors.

Galleries at the Institute of the Arts and Sciences (in Santa Cruz)
- Accessible entry at grade.

Music Center: Recital Hall
- Ground level entry. 
- Accessible seats at grade in back row. 
- Elevator access to front row accessible seats on lower level.
- Aisles to other seats have stairs.
- No handrails.

Sesnon Art Gallery at Porter College 
- Access the elevator via the pathway from accessible parking spaces in parking Lot 125. 
- Gallery is on the 2nd floor.

Theater Arts Center: 
- Enter the outdoor lobby using the walkway at the drop-off circle along the side of the Second Stage Theater rather than the open driveway. The walkway features a handrail. (Avoid the driveway entrance; it is too steep and there is no handrail.)

- The Mainstage can accommodate a maximum of two (2) wheelchairs plus companions/guests.
- Entry via ramp at Door 5.
- Accessible seats at grade in back of section.
- Aisles to other seats have stairs with handrails.

 Second Stage
- Ground level entry.
- Accommodation for 2-3 wheelchairs and companions/guests.

eXperimental Theater
- Ground level entry and accessible seating.
- Aisles to other seats have steps.

Other rooms (B100, C100)
- Ramps lead from lobby to elevator in the rear corner of the “C” wing of the Theater Arts Center.