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Arts Division Scholarship

Scholarship Information

Arts Professional Pathways supports successful student application and placement in internships by providing resources, events, and individual advising sessions to Arts students seeking internships. Students who are accepted into internships are eligible to apply for the Arts Division Internship Scholarship Fund that supports living expenses during the period of the internship. Scholarships average $3000 and are available on a first come basis as funds are available.

To apply for this scholarship, follow this LINK and choose the Arts Internship Scholarship Fund under the Divisional Scholarships heading.

Applications will be reviewed on the following dates:  December 1, 2021; January 7, 2022; March 1, 2022;  May 15, 2022. No applications for the 2021/2022 academic year will be reviewed after the May 15th deadline. 

Pleases submit your application prior to the dates listed to be considered.