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Discourse, E.G. Crichton

May I apply for an ARI Minor Grant if I have received a Major Project Grant?

If you were awarded a Collaborative Major Project Grant you MAY still apply for a Minor Grant.  If you are awarded an Individual Major Project grant, you may NOT apply for a Minor grant.

May I apply for both a collaborative and an individual Major Project Grant in the same year?

Yes. Obviously the projects would be different. For example, there have been collaborative projects that are speakers' series. A person could head up such a collaboration and also apply for an individual major project grant.

How much should I budget for travel and per diem when applying for ARI funding?

The ARI allows 50% of the allowable reimbursement figures listed on the US State Department's website

How much funding is allowed by external agencies, and intramural UC funding groups for hotels, per diem and travel?

UC reimbursement rates for domestic research travel are posted at: For foreign research expense rates, see the State Department website for allowable daily reimbursement is a useful guidelines when budgeting for research travel expenses.

May I request an extension on my ARI grant expenditures? or change the use of my ARI grant funds?

Yes, you may request extensions or changes in the use of your grant allocation via an email request to the ARI. In your request make sure you indicate the exact year, amount and type of grant for which you received funds. Also indicate as specifically as possible why you require the extension, or the change in use of funds. Your request will be assessed and you will be notified of permission (or asked for further explanation) within a brief time.

What if my research travel needs to start before the July 1 starting date for release of award funds?

As long as the proposed research trip extends past July 1 of the award year, faculty can request funds from ARI for the trip in this round of funding.

May I apply if I am a retired faculty member?

Retired faculty are welcome to apply and will be funded to the extent possible.  Priority will be given to current faculty.