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Disturb the View: A Conversation with Ashley Hunt, Nicole Marroquin, and Claire Pentecost

Janneth Ballesteros, "Mysterious Castle," 2015
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - 4:00pm
Online Event
Presented by: 
Institute of the Arts and Sciences

Moderator Gina Dent joins artists Ashley HuntNicole Marroquin, and Claire Pentecost on the topic of the U.S. landscape as a carceral archive, dotted with prisons and detention centers that are often withheld from view. The artists, whose work exposes the structures and histories of punitive violence that shore up contemporary carceral formations, discuss what role the arts can play in the movement for prison abolition. 

This event is jointly hosted with the Prison+Neighborhood Arts/Education Project, a collective of artists, educators, and organizers based in Chicago.


image credit: Janneth Ballesteros, "Mysterious Castle," 2015.