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Dean's lecturer: David Dunn

"Music, Language, and Environment"
Monday, June 1, 2015 - 5:00pm
Media Theater, Theater Arts Center (UCSC)
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Arts Division

David Dunn is a composer who prefers to lecture and engage in site-specific interactions or research-oriented activities. Over the past 40 years, his work has explored the liminal spaces between music and language, mind and environment, and art and science. In recent years he has largely abandoned the pursuit of musical composition as an expressive force to investigate the potential of sound to directly alter biological systems and to design listening strategies and technologies for environmental sound monitoring in both aesthetic and scientific contexts. He is Assistant Professor of Sound Art and Design in the UC Santa Cruz Music Department and core faculty in the Digital Arts and New Media graduate program.
“A number of questions are consistent throughout my work: What do music and sound contribute to our understanding of the question of mind? What is accomplished by strengthening our aural sense within a visually dominant culture? What is gained or lost by a shift towards an aural perception of the world? How can art participate in the discovery of solutions that can accelerate or extend those of science?”

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Part of Music, Language, Mind, Evolution, a series of free Monday/Wednesday evening lectures with eminent scholars from a variety of disciplines — music, music cognition, biology, and language — exploring the fundamentals of why and how we make and hear music. Part of the course Music 007 taught by Professor Larry Polansky.

The public is cordially invited.

Admission is free.

Parking $4.

More information at (831) 459-4731.

Sponsored by the UCSC Arts Division, Arts Dean's Fund for Excellence, and US Bank.