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Arts Division Student Awards and Grants

Divisional Awards

  • Florence J. French Scholarship Supports scholarships in art for students in need of financial aid to be administered by the Dean of Arts in consultation with the visual art faculty.

Art Department

  • William Hyde Irwin and Susan Benteen Irwin Fund - Supports scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate or graduate students in the visual arts.
  • Eduardo Carrillo Memorial Scholarship Endowment - Supports one or more scholarships to declared Art majors who have demonstrated high quality and inspired work.
  • Virginia Rose "Ginny" Kleker Memorial Fund in Digital Art - Provides one or more annual awards given by the Arts Division for student retention
  • Hardy Hanson Memorial Scholarship Fund - Supports students, faculty, and visiting artists whose work remains true to the spirit of Professor Hanson's philosophy and artistic focus.

History of Art & Visual Culture 

  • Clare Wedding Student Enrichment Endowment Provides support to undergraduate students in the History of Art and Visual Culture program, with a preference for those concentrating in the art of the Pacific Rim countries and communities including ocean art.

Film & Digital Media

  • Korduner Family Scholarship
  • Hollander Aspiring Filmaker Award

Music Department

  • Dora Binder Skolnick Memorial Fund - Supports awards to one or more graduate or undergraduate students demonstrating outstanding achievement in musical performance.
  • Endowment for Classical Music - Provides financial assistance to undergraduate students pursuing a major in music at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Classical Music Endowment - Provides financial assistance to undergraduate students pursuing a major in classical music.
  • Grosvenor Cooper Memorial Scholarship in Music - Supports a scholarship for a second or third year undergraduate student currently enrolled in a music class.
  • Ernest and Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship - Provides scholarship for music majors, with preference given to students studying piano or a keyboard instrument.
  • The Hortense Zuckerman Prize - Awards excellence in performances and scholarship.
  • Laurie Switzer Memorial Music Scholarship
  • Eltinge Music Endowment - Provides scholarships for music students and supports the instrumental and vocal instruction program by providing private lessons.
  • Resident String Ensemble Scholarship Fund - Provides support for the Student Resident String Ensemble in the UC Santa Cruz Music Department.
  • George Barati Cello Scholarship (Music) - Provides a scholarship to a music major whose principal instrument is the cello.
  • Maxwell Willes Endowment for Music at UC Santa Cruz - Supports scholarships for music students
  • Nicole Auclair Memorial Scholarship Fund in Music - Provides financial support to a student studying guitar in the Division of Arts
  • Resident String Quartet Scholarship Fund: Music
  • Resident String Ensemble Scholarship Fund: Music
  • Instrumental and Vocal Instruction Endowed Fund
  • Operatic Excellence Award
  • Matthew Wynbrandt Endowed Prize for Guitar Performance - Provides financial support to a student studying guitar in the Division of Arts
  • Diversity Scholarships in Music

Performance, Play & Design

  • Priscilla Newton Undergraduate Scholarship in Theater Arts - Provides scholarships to students with demonstrated theatrical performance and given on the basis of merit and financial need.
  • Dharma-Grace Foundation Creative Writing Award Fund - Supports the production of an outstanding script written by an undergraduate junior or senior student in good academic standing.
  • Gregg Barnes Costume Design Award Fund - Annual undergraduate award to fund ambitious costume design projects for Theater Arts majors.
  • UCSC African American Theater Arts Troupe Scholarship - For students of all cultures based on merit, financial need, and participation with AATAT.