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“By making us feel for ourselves and for others, the arts help us gain understanding, expand imaginations, shift perspectives, and save lives.”
—Celine Parreñas Shimizu, Dean of the Arts

Art, art history, digital arts, film, music, performance, dance, and games students are welcomed to a place that nurtures their creative vision, develops their technique and craft, and encourages collaboration and engagement with social, historical, and theoretical issues.

We recognize that transformation cannot happen without addressing the pain of racial or gender exclusion, the frustration and discouragement about the cost and stresses of college and artistic work, or the grief and loss of the pandemic years. Using the methods of arts production and scholarship, we are at the forefront of confronting the changes happening in the world. The Arts invite creative and social transformation for all of its members—students, faculty, and staff.

UC Santa Cruz Arts students are respected as artists and scholars from day one.


Priority 1: Giving Back for the Future
Attending UCSC can leave many Arts students with crushing debt making it especially difficult for artists early in their careers. For families unable to provide financial support, this is deeply discouraging. Eliminating this exclusion is essential. Evoking the iconic films of the 1980s and 1990s, designed by a Banana Slug, we invite donors to help bridge the gap between tuition then and now, to give back and create a new future for the next generations of UCSC Arts students.

Priority 2: Creating the University of the Future 
As a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and an Asian American, Native American and Pacific Islander-Serving Institution (AANAPISI), we change the way universities interact with students, especially those from marginalized communities. We are working to recruit, retain and ensure the success of Global-African and Black students at UCSC.The Arts makes diversity, equity and inclusion core principles in all of its programs and processes. It is our mission to advance faculty diversity and decolonize the curriculum in the arts by confronting the exclusionary practices of education in content, method and learning experience. We seek funding dedicated to support activities such as ongoing education (e.g., antiracism training), community events, guest speakers, guest artists, residencies, student or faculty initiatives, development of new courses and programs, and other innovations.

Priority 3: Leaders of the Future, Now!
The Arts Trans and Non Binary Women of Color (WOC) support network receives annual funding for conferences, guest speakers, and innovative approaches that address inequities in higher education with an eye towards diversifying leadership.

“We deploy the power of the arts to confront the pain and trauma of exclusion, and to prepare ourselves and our graduates for our dazzlingly diverse future.”
–Celine Parreñas Shimizu


Through the Arts Dean’s Fund for Excellence and Equity, donors support socially impactful student research. The Arts is committed to serving the changing demographics of the student body, representing the future of California. We are already building the future to help next generations claim their education.

Arts Professional Pathways
The Arts Professional Pathways program is committed to equity and inclusion. We offer direct engagement with creative and industry professionals to demystify careers in the arts. We provide our students resources, networking events, and individual advising. Help us launch careers in the arts.

Arts Internship Scholarships
Students who receive internships are eligible to apply for the Arts Division Internship Scholarship Fund that supports living expenses while they work in the summer.

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