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Image: Rey Cordova MFA DANM 2021 "Walled In"

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Driven by an ethos of cooperation, DANM emphasizes a passion for joining art and technology and a commitment to bringing change locally and globally.

Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) at UC Santa Cruz

A graduate program for the development and study of digital media and the collaborative cultures that they create, DANM catalyzes change where students discover their digital arts and new media “voice.” Faculty and students across university disciplines experiment with ideas, processes, interdisciplinary research, and social action—developing as critical thinkers, artistic innovators and responsible leaders.

Student projects include games, multi-screen films, interactive installations and sculpture, community-engaged social practice projects, interactive live theater and multi-modal performance, creative coding and data visualization/data driven research. The unifying factor is an investigation of the impacts of digital technology on our culture. We envision creating public platforms for student and faculty artwork, showcasing research from the local to international scale in collaboration with venues, businesses and other partners in the production and application of student work.

How You Can Help

2023 Black Students of California United (BSCU) Conference @ UCSC
In hosting the February 2023 BSCU conference at UCSC, we will bring hundreds of Black students to UCSC seeking to build a strong community connection, leading to increased enrollments in the Arts.

Graduate Fellowships
The Catalyzing Change BIPOC Fellowship ensures competitive offers to talented BIPOC applicants with excellent portfolios. By replacing campus jobs with fellowships, students can focus completely on artistic achievement and diversify the student body. The DANM Summer Teaching Fellowship provides funding not covered by financial aid to support students whose course proposals address DEI topics, further diversifying the MFA.

Afrofuturism Festival
Our annual Afrofuturism festival, co-organized by DANM Director Karlton Hester, features screenings, panel talks, concerts, dance and multimedia performances that bring together high profile guests with faculty and students.

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