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Resources and Tools

Human Resources

How do I…

Request a reader?  See Readers and Tutors

Request a tutor?  See Readers and Tutors

Request a grad student researcher?  See Graduate Student Researchers

Find general info for ladder faculty, including pay scales, responsibilities, and resources for assisting students?  See Info for Ladder Faculty.

Apply for staff development funds?  Staff Development Funds Request.  Turn in to Laura Jackson

Nominate someone for a spot award?  Spot Award Nomination Form.  Turn in to Laura Jackson

More about the Arts HR Office.

Business Office

How do I…

Get reimbursed for travel expenses?

Get reimbursed for supplies I bought?

Get reimbursed for entertainment?

Pay for a service?

Pay for an honorarium?

More about the Arts Business Office:

Research Support

I want to…

Learn about research funding opportunities?


How do I…

Start planning for an event?  Event Planning Tools

Curriculum Resources

How do I…

Learn about getting a course approved?  See Course Approval Information.

Learn about ladder faculty workload policies?  See Faculty Workload Policies.

Find data about course enrollments?  See Arts Division Annual Reporting.

More about the Arts Division Curriculum Resources office.


I want to…

Learn about faculty equipment renewal funds.  

More about Arts Computing.