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Entertainment FAQs

Please note that in July 2016 the Entertainment Reporting Process changed.

When do I use an ERF (Entertainment Reporting form)?

ERFs are required only for reimbursement or for recharge transactions (except for Catering Services recharges done through CruzBuy.)

How do I access an ERF?

Click Here

log in with your Gold password

Click Entertainment

Click Create a new Entertainment form


What requires Top Level Approval?

Alcohol purchases, employee morale, employee recognition, retirement, on the job meals, tickets to sporting, theatrical or cultural events, meals provided to a spouse/partner, over the per person limit, cash contributions or registrations that are included in the cost of a nonprofit fundraiser.


What expenses are considered unallowable?

Meetings that could have been scheduled during regular working hours, monetary contributions to a political campaign or candidate, purchase of property/services for personal or for a nonbusiness use, expenses using restricted funds, expenses that represent additional taxable income to the employee/student.


Can I use Federal or State funds to purchase alcohol?



Where do I find the per person limit rates?

Maximum Spending Rates are found  Here