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CruzBuy Food & Entertainment

CruzBuy Entertainment Process

Step #1: Order Initiator

  • To submit a requisition, use the Food and Entertainment form.  First enter the supplier, if they are not already in the CruzBuy system you will need a phone number and/or email address for the supplier.  Enter a description of the event, and an estimated price, including a Not to Exceed (NTE).  Fill in remaining fields in form.

Step #2:  Budget Approver, Research Accountant

  • Reviews and approves order, seeks the approval for top level

Step #3:  CruzBuy System

  • Validates FOAPAL used with order

Step #4:  Purchasing Office Buyer

  • Reviews ERF and approves CruzBuy order

Step #5:  CruzBuy System

  • Creates purchase order